The Church urged to address rising cases of sodomy

A Ndola Based psychologist  Hope Namonje says it is regrettable that sodomy is slowly becoming a normal trend but needs to addressed promptly.

Ms. Namonje says this vice needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders especially parents and guardians if men and young boys especially are  to be protected.

Advising parents and guardians to always raise alarm whenever they are touched inappropriately, Ms Namonje added that minors need counseling to come to terms with what has happened to avoid emotional damage.

ZANIS reports that the psychologist  said this in an interview adding that sodomy often makes a child to contemplate or commit suicide.

 “It is extremely important for parents to confront such abuse at the earliest. Often, we have seen that the victims find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships when they grow up , “ she said.

She has encouraged  children to be  free to talk to their parents about the happenings in their school without any fear or hesitation,

”As a Psychologist l believe that due diligence, sensitivity and a friendly approach towards children is needed to bring such instances in the open.

“ Often children are not aware of the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ touch and this ignorance help the perpetrators to  abuse them, “ she reasoned..

And Ndola Bethel Church pastor Beauty Mwamba has advised all Christians to stand against sodomy saying it is ungodly .

Pastor Mwamba has called on families to remember their children in prayer and give them sound teachings and counsel against acts of sodomy.

She said parents and guardians should get to know their children’s friends and allow them to play with their age mates to avoid such acts destroying their future.

” Sensitive approach towards children is needed so that a victim can approach their parents or school authorities at the earliest, “she said.

In Zambia, according to Section 132 and 138 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia, rape and defilement which carry life sentences do not include a man or male child respectively.

For a male above the age of 14 according to section 155(a), the offence is having carnal knowledge of a person against the order of nature which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years. For a male child below the age of 14, according to section 157, the offence is indecent assault which carries a maximum sentence of 7 years.

The law in it’s current form is too casual with the cases of sodomy and needs amendment. It is regrettable that the law cannot protect a male victims when the effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD), acquiring sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS, mortality from injuries, increased risk of suicide, depression, chronic pain, psychosomatic disorders, anal injuries and emotional pain are just as severe in males as in females.