Govt pledges investigations into Kapapula’s gruesome murder

Government  says it will do everything possible to find those responsible for the death of Mwense Council Chairperson Humphrey Kapapula.

Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Royd Mwansa says  government is saddened by the untimely death of the Mwense Council Chairperson adding that they will do their level best to bring the culprits to book.

Speaking when he visited the funeral house for the late Council Chairperson , Mr. Mwansa said death of such nature will not be condoned in the country.

“ It is unacceptable for the country to continue losing lives of its citizens in unclear circumstances, “ he said.

And Mwense District Commissioner Happyton Mwape says it is shocking that the people of Mwense have lent of the death of the council chairperson.

Mr Mwape explained that he received a call around 04 hours today informing him about the death of the Council Chairperson and that upon arrival at scene, he found the body of the late Council Chairperson lying in pool of blood eight bruises on the body.

Meanwhile,  Mrs Susan Kaula , mother of the deceased, says the family is in deep shock after learning of the untimely death of the deceased whom she described as being in good health prior to his death.

Mrs. Kalula explains that as a family they are looking up to government to help them find justice for their late son who has died in unclear circumstances.

The body of the late Council Chairperson for Mwense Mr. Humphrey Kapapula was found in a pool of blood in the early hours of today in an unexplained circumstances.

Police in the area have since commenced investigations.