Zambia, Angola celebrate cultural friendship ties

Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary Evans Muhanga has appreciated the sectors growth through enhanced cultural ties with other nations.

Mr. Muhanga recognized the role that cultural groups from Zambia and Angola continue to play in the area of enhancing shared beliefs.

He pointed out that culture plays an important role in the development of the tourism sector, and having the two countries come together in such a manner has helped in attracting local tourism.

The Permanent Secretary made the remarks when he graced the Zambia-Angola friendship day celebrations.

“Events such as this one, where you showcase different cultural endowments play an important role in tourism development, as well as income generation for those involved in the production of such cultural goods and services.”

Mr Muhanga highlighted that the objective of the Zambia-Angola friendship day is meant to bring together musical and cultural groups from the two sister republics, with a view to showcase their different cultural gains such as music, dance, handcrafts, traditional foods, and fashion.

He pointed out that such events have the ability to attract foreign investment for both countries if harnessed well, through increased inflow of local and international tourists.

Mr Muhanga said Zambia will use the commemoration of the friendship day to further enhance bilateral ties and cement the already existing cordial relations, shared by the two peoples.

“Culture plays an essential role in a person’s individual life and also society. Culture is an important sector not only in safeguarding our cultural heritage, but also in the development of the tourism sector,” He said.

And Angolan Ambassador to Zambia Azevedo Francisco who spoke through an interpreter said Angola and Zambia share similar cultures hence the need to promote the exchange of cultural heritage.

Mr Francisco expressed optimism that the observance of the Zambia-Angola friendship is important in uniting the two sister countries.

He thanked the Zambian government for supporting, hosting and observing the Zambia-Angola day.

The event attracted various traditional dancers from both countries.