Proposing love to married woman doesn’t amount to marriage interference-Zimba Magistrate

Mere proposing love to a married woman without buying her gifts and having sex does not amount to marriage interference, Zimba Urban Local Court, Senior Magistrate Las-Vegas Siachinji has said.

Magistrate Siachinji said this when he dismissed a case in which Gift Bbumelo, 28, of Chuundwe area dragged Moslain Mulenda, 22, of Muzya village for allegedly proposing love to his wife.

The magistrate dismissed the case on grounds that there was no proper evidence from the plaintiff.

Bbumelo demanded to be paid K6,000 by Mulenda.

The court heard that between June and August this year, Bbumelo’s wife, Catherine reported the love affair to her husband. 

In a packed court, Mulenda denied the charge leveled against him.

“I didn’t propose love to her (Catherine). I never gave her presents nor had sex together,” Mulenda told the court.

Catherine submitted that her alleged lover, Mulenda, gave her a lift in his vehicle on three occasions where he proposed love to her.

Magistrate Siachinji established that Bbumelo lamentably failed to convince the court during cross-examination as to why he should be paid K6,000 by Mulenda.

The magistrate later counselled Mr. and Mrs. Bbumelo to avoid hearsays but learn to investigate information to the latter.

“I establish that Gift, the plaintiff, failed to cross-examine the defendant. I therefore dismiss this case because it lacks proper evidence. Next time, stop wasting the court’s time,” the magistrate said.

He urged the couple to live by good marriage practices and avoid accusing innocent people, especially men.