High number of RTAs saddens driver trainers

The Zambian School of Driving (ZSD) is saddened by the high numbers of road traffic accidents currently happening on Zambian roads. 

ZDS Driver Improvement Programme Director, Hope Kumalo, said it is deeply distressing and unacceptable to lose many lives in road traffic accidents that can be prevented.

Ms. Kumalo said this following the two tragic accidents that recently occurred in Northern Province and in Lusaka.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

She has since urged the government to address the issue of road traffic accidents seriously by tackling its root cause.

Ms. Kumalo added that as driver educators, ZDS remains convinced that the root cause of the high number of road traffic accidents on Zambian roads is the lack of proper dissemination of relevant safety information to drivers through the provision of driver education programmes such as defensive driving training and hazard awareness training.

“Global research has confirmed that one of the main factors in road traffic accidents was human error and research has further confirmed that driver error can be reduced among drivers by undergoing defensive driving training programmes,” Ms. Kumalo said. 

She stressed that in order to reduce the high numbers of road traffic accidents occurring on Zambian roads, the government should re-introduce defensive driving training for PSV drivers. 

Ms. Kumalo has also encouraged the government to conduct some stringent screening, re-training and retesting processes among all PSV drivers to ensure they are equipped with the relevant road safety knowledge and skills to help reduce the current road carnage. 

She stated that the sustainable way of reducing the current road carnage in the country is in ensuring that before any person is issued a driver’s license, they should undergo stringent training that will instill discipline and responsibility in them and provide them with accurate and relevant road safety education.