Government not in competition with traditional leaders – President Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema says his administration is not in competition with the traditional leadership in the running of the country’s affairs but is rather in partnership with them.

President Hichilema says perceptions that the Government and the traditional leadership are in conflict are not true.

The President was speaking in Lusaka today at the King of Kings Summit organised by Overland Missions, a faith based organisation that has brought together 55 traditional leaders from 35 African countries in addition to chiefs from around Zambia.

Mr Hichilema said government cannot implement development alone without the help of traditional leaders.

“Government cannot do it alone. They need to work with you, our kings and queens, to deliver development,” Mr Hichilema said. 

The President said lack of unity and misuse of natural resources has led to the lagging behind of the continent.

The Head of State implored the traditional leadership on the continent to make a difference.

“Why Africa has been on the edge is because of lack of unity and we have not managed our resources properly. We have traded in resources for too long but now is the time to trade smartly with value,” Mr Hichilema said. 

And the President said Zambia is determined to use the peace it has enjoyed since independence as a springboard to help troubled parts of the continent improve their stability.

“We shall use this country’s peace, security and stability for the restoration of peace in the African continent,” he said.

And Queen Mabhena of South Africa asked the Zambian people to support President Hichilema as he is determined to bring development to Zambia.