Villagers in Kanchibiya shun Covid-19 vaccination

Out of 400 people that were yesterday approach to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in Chakopo village in Kanchibiya district, 327 refused to be immunised due to myths associated to the pandemic.

The development has been confirmed to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) by Kanchibiya District Health Director, Regina Mulenga.

Sister Mulenga expressed sadness that villagers in Chakopo are associating the Covid-19 vaccination jab to the Biblical prophecy about the mark of the breast number 666 and other myths.

She described the situation as a big drawback in the fight against Covid-19.

The District Health Director lamented that there is urgent need for all stakeholders, especially the church and traditional leaders come on board and  help to sensitise the community on the importance and benefits of getting the Covid-19 vaccination jab. 

She expressed sadness that all the pupils at the school ran away when the Mobile Covid-19 vaccination team arrived at Chakopo primary school to conduct the immunization exercise yesterday,.

Sr. Mulenga has since called on the authorities and teachers at Chakopo primary school, the community and the traditional leadership in the area to help overcome all false information associated with Covid-19 vaccines.

“The fight against Covid-19 needs consented efforts from all stakeholders for the district to reach the set 70 percent herd immunity target,” he said.

And Mubumbu Ward Councilor, Sostern Sampa, has called on civic leaders in Kanchibiya to actively get involved in the ongoing second round of 10 days Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Mr. Sampa said once opinion leaders take a leading role in the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination campaign, it will significantly motivate the community to follow suit.

“In order to reach the 42,031 people that are suppose to be vaccinated in this second round of Covid-19 campaign exercise in Kanchibiya district, it needs every one to seriously get involved,” Mr. Sampa said.

Meanwhile, village headman Katyetye in Mpepo chiefdom, who is also a member of Kanchibiya district high level Covid-19 mobilisers, said people that are vaccinated are more safe than those that are not.