Egyptian Envoy hails Zambia’s relationship

The government of Egypt has praised Zambia for being a beacon of peace and stability not only in Africa, but the world at large.

Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia, Moataz Anwar has since implored Zambians to continue upholding and safeguarding the peace the country is known for globally.

ZANIS reports that the Egyptian top Envoy was Speaking ahead of the independence commemoration day which falls on every October 24th.

Ambassador  Anwar said Zambians should cherish the peace that the country has enjoyed since independence in 1964.

He said the prevailing peace is Zambia’s biggest asset which should be used to woo investment in the country.

He further pointed out that Zambia should fully capitalize on its record of peace by marketing the country’s tourism potential.

Mr Anwar said Zambia is endowed with magnificent tourist destinations which should be used to market the country as a preferred tourist destination.

He also acknowledged that Zambia and Egypt have continued enjoying cordial relations dating way back to 1965.

He said the two countries collaborated closely during the emancipation from colonial rule.

Mr Anwar explained that Egypt was among the first countries to establish diplomatic ties with Zambia in 1965 by setting up an embassy, just after the country gained its independence.

He said Egypt is looking forward to further enhancing the existing bilateral ties with Zambia.