Govt to provide relief for hailstorm victims in Shibuyunji – PS

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Milner Mwanakampwe has assured the victims for the 40 houses which collapsed during a hailstorm which occurred on 1st November 2022 in Nampundwe that government will provide relief food and other logistical support. 

Mr Mwanakampwe says government through the Disaster management and Mitigation unit DMMU will ensure that all the victims of the hailstorm get relief food and shelter for those whose houses have completely collapsed. 

He says government is concerned with the wellbeing of the people who have been affected by the storm in the district. 

The Permanent Secretary has also appealed to the people in the area to build houses which are able to resist harsh weather patterns. 

He notes that houses in the area had their roofs blown off stating that government will provide the necessary help. 

Nampundwe ward councilor Racheal Mubita revealed that over 200 families have been affected by the tragic incident caused by the windy rain. 

Ms Mubita has further appealed to the government for swift action towards the affected families once a full report is made as the rain season is fast approaching.