Hail storm blows off teacher’s house

The roofs of two teacher’s houses at Baanga Primary School in Itezhi-Tezhi district, Southern Province, have been blown off by a hailstorm.

Member of Parliament, Twaambo Mutinta confirmed to ZANIS that the incident occurred on Saturday in Lubanda ward in Chikaza Munyama Chiefdom.

“Baanga school houses had their roofs brown off during heavy rains, the affected houses were occupied by the head and deputy   teacher.” Mr Mutinta stated

He stated that as a result of the incident, the head teacher has been forced to occupy one of the school’s few classrooms.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutinta has asked the Itezhi-Tezhi District Disaster Management Committee and the satellite committees in the fifteen wards to keep an eye out for potential disasters as the rainy season approaches.

The MP said it is critical for those tasked with such duties to be alert and proactive, especially since the government has set aside funds under the CDF for such scenarios.

The legislator has also urged members of the community to collaborate with such committees in the mitigation and prevention of such occurrences.

Mr Mutinta has also called for increased awareness of the dangers of flash floods, particularly in disaster-prone areas in the district.

Rain has been falling in many parts of Itezhi Tezhi district since Saturday last week.