Kabwe on course to receiving inputs under FISP – DC

Kabwe District Commissioner, Lennox Shimwambwa has assured beneficiaries of the Fertiliser Input Support Program that the district is expected to receive its allocation of inputs this week.

The District Commissioner says the district is expecting to start receiving the basal fertilizer first from Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia and the top dressing would be received later.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr Shimwambwa says the district has been verifying the number of farmer beneficiary and that process has been completed.

“We have been verifying the lists of beneficiaries and that process has been completed, we are also allowing farmers to make their 400 deposits which is going,” he said.

Mr Shimwamba says the district has over 20,000 farmers expected to benefit from FISP in the 2022-23 farming season.

He added that the district was to receive 62,292 by 50 kg bags of Compound D fertilizer and 62,292 by 50kg bags of Urea.

The District Commissioner further added that each farmer is expected to receive 3 by 50 kgs of Compound D, 3 by 50kgs of Urea and a one by 10kgs of maize seed.