Chinsali receives farming inputs

Chinsali District in Muchinga Province has started receiving inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) for the 2022/2023 farming season.

Chinsali District Commissioner, Samson Muchemwa confirmed the development to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) today.

Mr. Muchemwa disclosed that 10,080 by 50 Kilogram bags of compound D fertilizer have been safely offloaded.

He added that in addition to the first consignment of fertilizer, 17.7 metric tonnes of maize seed and 12.3 metric tonnes of Soya beans have also been received.

Mr. Muchemwa has also warned all the players in the distribution chain of fertilizer to be careful as he is on the ground.

He said he will not condone the manipulation of farmers by their leaders who are spreading lies that Chinsali has only received 4,000 bags of fertilizer as untrue and unfounded.

“Iam aware of those farmers and CAC members who have promised agro dealers of high cost per bag at the expense of other farmers being deprived,” he said.

Speaking earlier, District Marketing and Development Officer (DMDO), Chewe Chama said the district has been allocated 50,796 by 50 kilogram bags of both compound D and Urea.

Ms Chama explained that the 10, 080 bags of fertilizer is translating into 504 packs adding that more fertilizer is expected to be in the district before the end of this month together with groundnuts seed.

“So far, we have received 504 packs which is summing up to 10,080 bags. We shall be calling the camping officers according to order for them to come with farmers to register than keeping everyone waiting at the office,” she said.