Heavy rains leave 37 families homeless in Vubwi

About 37 families have been left homeless in Vubwi District after their houses collapsed following heavy rains experienced in the area. 

Vubwi District Administrative Officer Mustered Phiri has confirmed the development, assuring the government’s commitment to helping the victims.

“We empathise with victims and as government, we are committed to coming to their aid,” he said.

He told the Zambia News and Information Services that relevant authorities have been informed about the disaster stating that a response will be communicated.

“DMMU has been communicated to and very soon will respond to all the victims,” he said.

And one of the victims Elezet, who is also a civil servant, has been left without shelter and reduced to a squatter in a public building. She is distraught and fears her work might be affected while bemoaning the scarcity of accommodation in Vubwi that has been worsened by a trail of destruction caused by the heavy downpour. 

“I have nowhere to go now because my house was destroyed and right now I’m squatting at the epicentre where I don’t think I can be allowed to squat for long,” she said.

And a 65-year-old woman of Nyongani 2 village in chief Pembamoyo’s area who had the roof to her house blown off said she feared for her life.

“When it was raining and the roof blew off, I was scared the tree outside might fall on my house and probably crush me, but it luckily fell to the other side,” she said.