Fish ban to start on December 1, 2022

Luapula Province Fisheries and Livestock Coordinator Joseph Chiti says the fish ban which will start on December 1, 2022 and end on February 28, 2023 is also applicable to those with fishing licenses.

Mr. Chiti said there is no exception in observing the fish ban as all fishing activities are suspended and that everyone is expected to comply.

In an interview with ZANIS in Mansa today, Mr. Chiti warned that those found engaging in fishing activities during the fishing ban, will be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the country.

” As a department of fisheries, we will be conducting routine operations such as road patrols, water patrols and market patrols so as to prevent people from engaging in fishing activities, I want to encourage everyone to follow the law by not engaging in any fishing activities as those wanting will be dealt with by the law,” Mr Chiti warned. 

He stated that fishermen are supposed to understand that the fishing ban is actually meant for their good as it is a period when fish is expected to breed after which they can continue fishing. 

Mr Chiti noted that the province can have a successful fishing ban if only all the stakeholders come on board in enforcing the ban.

“We want to see a situation where even the general public themselves gets involved in enforcing the fishing ban by reporting any fishing activities which will be happening in their respective areas,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chiti has bemoaned the low numbers of fishermen who applied for fishing licenses this year despite many of them engaging in fishing activities.

He revealed that the province has this year only managed to raise about four hundred thousand from the issuance of fishing licenses against its target of over six hundred thousand.

Mr Chiti said there are many people who are engaging in fishing activities but only a few of them are able to pay the K166 required from them annually.

“We have a situation where certain traditional leaders are the ones who are collecting money from these fishermen and this has really made it difficult for us as a Department of Fisheries to raise the much needed revenue for government,” he said.

Every year, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock enforces the fish ban which runs for a period of three months from December 1 to February 28.