High levels of corruption among the ZP  irks govt

Government has expressed concern over the high levels of corruption among traffic police officers.

According to the 2019 Zambia Bribe Payers Index (ZBPI) , the Zambia Police traffic section is still ranked among the top with a higher likelihood of taking bribes at 40.7 percent.

in a speech read for him by Assistant Secretary Clement Chilembo to launch the ‘No Bribes But Fines Campaign’ in Chipata on Wednesday, Eastern province minister Peter Phiri described the current situation as unacceptable.

“This situation is unacceptable. This situation is unacceptable. This corruption cannot happen without the involvement of a motorist,” he said.

However, Mr. Phiri commended the Zambia Police, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and all the stakeholders contributing to curbing traffic corruption.

He said Government is resolved to ridding the country of corruption in all its forms regardless of the perpetrators.

“The dangers of corruption on our roads are well known. We have lost lives which could have been preserved had it not been for that erring motorist who offered a bribe to an officer to be allowed to proceed even when their motor vehicle was not roadworthy,” Mr. Phiri said.

The campaign is aimed at securing the commitment of various stakeholders to refuse to receive or pay bribes and instead pay requisite fines when found wanting.

And ACC Eastern Province regional manager Nkandu Chipinda said that it is the legal demand of the ACC to prevent corruption in both public and private institutions in the country by promoting enhanced accountability and transparency in institutions.

“For this reason, the Commission partnered with the Zambia Police Service, the Road Safety Transport Agency (RTSA) and various other stakeholders like the Association of Truck, Bus and Taxi Drivers—who have joined us today—to undertake this activity as a way of preventing corruption and related malpractices and also to strengthen the processes in dealing with traffic offences,” he said.

Earlier, Public and Private Bus Drivers Association (PPBDA) Vice President Joseph Phiri advised the police and RTSA to stop the use of lay-bys because it is where traffic corruption is mostly committed.

Mr Phiri commended the Anti-Corruption Commission for coming up with the initiative targeted at fighting illegalities on the roads in the Eastern Province.