Diplomates positive of Zambia’s economic outlook

Several diplomats accredited to Zambia have indicated that the country is poised for massive economic transformation. 

Among the diplomats that predict Zambia economic growth is United States of America – USA Ambassador to Zambia, Micheal Gonzales who said Zambia is destined for massive development. 

Mr Gonzales has attributed the projected growth of Zambia’s economy to what he termed as “excellent strategies and polices” that government is implementing. 

ZANIS reports that the diplomat made this observation last evening during the 5th Annual Corporates and Diplomats’ Gala Dinner organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations held at Twangale park in Lusaka. 

He said Zambia’s economic foundation is very strong and can be seen from the inflation rates that have continued to go down adding that this has seen an increased spike of businesses for both and investments from around the world. 

“If government is going to continue implementing these strategies, the country will go far in terms of development. And I would love for the government to continue engaging the private sector who are good partners for development.” Mr Gonzales said. 

Meanwhile, Finish Ambassador to Zambia, Saana Halinen has observed that if the government continues with the implementation of its current policies, Zambia’ economy is undoubtedly poised for greater heights. 

Ms Halinen also said the Zambian economy is very impressive, especially considering how the government managed to secure the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

“There are a lot of challenges that have continued to affect different countries but Zambia has managed to put things in place in the midst of economic challenges which are very impressive,” Ms Halinen said.