Mpulungu youth cooperative granted K1.2 million

 A youth cooperative in Mbala District has been empowered with K1.2 million by the Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development (TRALARD) to engage in agricultural ventures.

TRALARD Mbala District Operations Officer Chiindi Chiputa told ZANIS that Twizilila cooperative has been given funds to undertake activities in soya beans, sunflower and maize production.

 Ms Chiputa said that Twizilila cooperative will also be given equipment to start producing stock feed.

In addition, the group has been given butchery equipment as well as five pigs to start a pig rearing business. 

Ms Chiputa said TRALARD is hopeful that Twizilila Youth Cooperative will be buying off the produce from other cooperatives in the area that have been funded.

She pointed out that Twizilila Youth Cooperative is one of the best performing cooperatives in the district.

 And Ms Chiputa also announced that TRALARD has funded 46 cooperatives in Mbala of which 23 have been completed and weaned off.

And Twizilila cooperative has thanked TRALARD for empowering the group.

Twizilila Youth Cooperative Chairperson Nsindano Mutemwa said his group had for a long time not benefited from any government programme.

Mr Mutemwa said funding from the TRALARD project has helped the cooperative to improve its operations in order to improve the living conditions of its members.

 He however appealed to the local authority to help Twizilila cooperative get connected to electricity so that the stock feed production can kick off.

Mr Mutemwa also appealed to the local authority and other organisations and individuals to help address the water challenge the cooperative is facing as the pump installed in the borehole has failed to supply water.