Solwezi Hospital to restrict visits to curb rising Covid 19 cases

Solwezi General Hospital is considering imposing restrictions on visitation to the health facility in order to curb the resurgence of the Covid pandemic.

ZANIS reports that Hospital Medical Superintendent Kitanda Sondashi said management at the health facility is contemplating on limiting the number of visits to the facility as a preventative measure to control the spread of the re-emerging Covid 19.

Dr Sondashi who is also acting North-western Province Medical Director (PHD) told journalists in an interview that following the increasing number of Covid cases being recorded in the country, it is important that people start wearing masks as they visit the facility.

He said people need to be made aware that there is a risk of contracting Covid 19 by paying visits to the hospital without wearing a mask.

” People are coming in, in large numbers, we are trying by all means to control but you know Solwezi General Hospital being the only hospital in the district, and the Provincial hospital at the same time,  we still have a big challenge with huge traffic of people coming in, huge numbers of people being admitted, visitors coming in to see patients, but I think now  with the coming in  of this Covid problem we are trying to see whether  we can put up measures now to control traffic”  said Dr Sondashi.

 He further explained that the hospital will also soon embark on sensitization programs on radio and other media platforms to sensitize members of the public on the dangers of Covid.

Meanwhile Dr. Sondashi said Solwezi General Hospital has not yet recorded any Covid-19 related death.

He said most of the cases that are being attended to are mild and not serious cases adding that the hospital is able to manage them.

Dr. Sondashi has since appealed to the members of the public to adhere to the five Covid 19 golden rules, such as masking up, social distancing, handwashing, and staying home among others.