Unregistered motorbikesvehicles in Nakonde issued with deadline

Government has set February 1, 2023 as the deadline for registration of motorbikes and vehicles in Nakonde District.

Nakonde District Commissioner, Marvelous Sikapizye says the growing trend of using unregistered motor bikes and vehicles in the district has to be stopped.

Mr Sikapizye said there is need to put measures in place adding that government cannot keep losing out on tax.

“Starting from February going forward here in Nakonde, we do not want to see any unregistered vehicle or any unregistered motorbike. The grace period is over now,” he said.

He pointed out that Nakonde is not different from other towns so there is no reason for people to be exempted from paying tax.

 “These taxes we are talking about do a lot of work. Now we have free education, this free education is free to pupils and not teachers. Teachers need to be paid their salaries and the government pays them through tax,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the motorbike riders, Nathan Sikanyika, thanked government for giving them more time to prepare registration fees.

Mr Sikanyika however bemoaned the lack of industries in the district stating that those that will not manage to meet their target on the deadline will eventually resort to other vices.

“I am assured that government means well for the people of Nakonde, in this one month we have been given at least we will try our best to look for the money needed, unless the waste comes to the waste,” he said.