Haimbe Signs Inter-Agency Framework Doc

National Prosecution Authority (NPA) and Criminal Justice institutions have signed an Inter-Agency Framework document, aimed at enhancing coordination in the fight against corruption in the country.

Speaking when he officiated at the signing ceremony in Lusaka today, Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe said the framework will help to enhance coordination in the criminal justice sector, as well as increase mutual sharing of resources and ideas in combating corruption.

Mr. Haimbe noted that the framework will also help to increase coordination among NPA, Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Zambia Revenue Authority and the Financial Intelligence Centre and help them prudently and efficiently pursue criminal justice.

‘’The framework will help to create trust in criminal justice delivery. It will also improve communication among stakeholders, thus reducing misunderstandings and miscommunication, hence resulting in the continued fight against corruption in Zambia,’’ he said.

And Director for Public Prosecutions Gilbert Phiri indicated that the Inter-Agency Framework document is aimed at enhancing harmonization in the criminal justice sector towards the fight against illicit financial flow in the country.

Mr. Phiri said that the framework supports the government’s call for accountability in the management of public resources and helps to curb any forms of misuse of public resources and proceeding of crime.

‘’Signing of the Inter-Agency Document will help us to identify and carefully investigate criminals and prosecute them, it will also help to build trust from the public and also share ideas in curbing corruption in the country,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa in a speech read on his behalf by the Cabinet Office Director Bernard Kapansa said that joining forces in the fight against illicit financial flow is a millstone achievement as the country continues to record cases of corrupt activities.

Mr. Kangwa noted that the extra effort from the criminal justice stakeholders will help to curb corruption and create mutual understanding in the fight against corruption in Zambia.

He however thanked all stakeholders  in the criminal justice sector for demonstrating commitment in the fight against corruption by coming up with a strategy in the form of an Inter-Agency Framework document as a guide for their works.