Hyenas terrorise Shambala chiefdom

Residents of Shezongo Chiefdom in Itezhi-Tezhi district of Southern Province are terrified after hyenas attacked and killed their livestock.

Shambala Ward Councilor Bolivia Namilando told ZANIS that stray heyans killed livestock in Shambala, Mbila, Kakuse, Idiamala, and Kasangala during the night.

According to Mr. Namilando, hyenas have been preying on small livestock such as goats, chickens, and calves.

“We have a major problem in our area because there are too many hyenas attacking our livestock at night,” Mr. Namilando explained.

He said that residents in the affected areas were constantly afraid of being attacked by wild animals, which they suspected were from the nearby Kafue National Park.

The civic leader has since urged the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to intervene, expressing concern that if they do not, the heyans will now target people.

Lawrence Musanje, an Idiamala resident, said that hyenas visited his home last month and killed three goats while he was sleeping.

He claimed that the hyena attack on his home was not the first in the area because several other residents in his neighborhood had been attacked and their livestock killed in the previous two months.

“We need DNPW to control these animals before they kill all our livestock” Mr. Musanje said.

Meanwhile, Game Rangers International Community Outreach Officer Britius Munkombwe expressed regret over the hyena attacks.

He has advised residents in affected areas to construct better kraals and chicken runs to protect their livestock from hyena attacks.

According to Mr. Munkombwe, hyenas are important animals in the ecosystem and people must learn to coexist with them.

He warned the residents not to take the law into their own hands by killing these protected animals.

And Itezhi -Tezhi Council Chairperson Oliver Sitengu has assured people in affected areas that DPNW and African Parks (AP) are working together to return the animals to their natural habitat.

To avoid attacks by these wild animals, he advised that children should never be left alone and should always be accompanied by adults.