Govt. seeks alternative energy sources, strengthens ties with Angola

President Hakainde Hichilema says government is determined to source for alternative fuel solutions within the African region.

The Head of State says government will not relent in seeking solutions to issues affecting the country especially in the energy sector.

President Hichilema has indicated that fuel is the main driver of any country’s economy, hence his duty is to ensure that he secures deals that ignite better living conditions for the entire country.

The President made these remarks after touring the Lonito oil refinery in Angola’s Benguela province.

ZANIS reports that the refinery is currently under construction and Zambia has been offered a 15 percent stake in the refinery.

President Hichilema notes that investing in ventures such as the oil refinery is the surest way of securing the economic future for Zambia.

Once complete, in 2026, the refinery is expected to produce over 200, 000 billion barrels of refined crude oil per day.

And President Hakainde Hichilema has expressed his intent to collaborate with the government of Angola in the areas of increased trade at that country’s Port of Lobito.

The Head of State who visited the port situated in Lobito with an assurance that once discussions are complete, the port will provide Zambia with an alternative link to transport its goods via road considering that Zambia is landlocked.

Meanwhile, Zambia and Angola have affirmatively resolved to resume direct flights from Angola to Zambia and vice versa.

As a way of commitment to Zambia, the Angolan government has provided a plane to President Hakainde Hichilema to fly his delegation direct from Angola to Zambia.

The Head of State, who was in Angola for a three day state visit has since left for Zambia.

And in an interview with ZANIS, Zambia’s Ambassador to Angola Laurence Chalungumana said the President’s visit has been a successful one which resulted in the signing of six Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s).

He said the President’s visit also reaffirmed the bilateral cooperation the two countries have, which resulted in the two leaders agreeing to revisit the long standing signed MOU’s.