Two 15 year old boys drown-Mambwe    

Two fifteen year old boys of the same family have drowned in the Msandire River in Mambwe district, Eastern Province.

Eastern Province police Deputy Commanding Officer Lucky Munkhondya says a report about the tragic incident was received from 55-year-old Simon Mbao of Patala village, who is uncle to the victims.

Ms. Munkhondya told ZANIS that the victims have been identified as Elesan Ngoma and Mapenzi Ngoma, both male.

The incident occurred on Saturday January 14, 2023, around 14:00 hours at Msandire river in Jumbe chiefdom.

Ms. Munkhodya disclosed that the victims met their fate during a fishing spree in the Msandire river.

She added that the bodies of the victims have not yet been retrieved, adding that the search is still ongoing.

And, Mambwe District Commissioner William Banda has expressed sadness over the demise of the two young men.

Mr. Banda said that he is saddened to learn about the unfortunate incident and thus sympathises with the grieving family.