Namwala records nine Covid-19 cases

Namwala  Town Council Secretary Philemon Nyirenda says that the District has so far recorded nine confirmed active  cases of Covid-19 in the District .

.This is according to a Press release by Namwala Town Council Public Relations Officer Nchimunya Lukubi, which revealed that the recorded cases were from Namwala Central ward.

The Namwala Town Council Secretary has since appealed to the local authority officers in the area to lead by example by incorporating the five golden rules in all their programs and activities.

The Namwala Town Council Secretary noted that the local authority is very cardinal in the management of Covid-19.

He added that the local authority will soon embark on preventative measures by providing hand washing facilities in public places such as bus stations and markets.

He observed that Namwala Residents are advised to observe social distancing and that they should wear face masks at all times.

The Namwala Town Council Secretary has encouraged business owners to provide hand sanitizers and hand washing basins at their premises.

He pointed out that the council health department in the area will soon embark on sensitization campaigns across the district on importance of being vaccinated against Covid-19.