Three days power outage hits Lusangazi

Some parts of Lusangazi district have gone for three days without electricity.

This is after a power line produced a short circuit and blew up in flames at Ukwimi-A on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

The power outage has affected the Ukwimi Rural Health Centre, government offices, staff compound where most government employees reside, the local market and churches.

And shop owners, especially those dealing in beverages, at the market have complained that they have lost business due to the power outage.

Ben Nkhoma, who owns a bar at Ukwimi-A resettlement market has complained that his sales have gone down because people cannot buy warm drinks.

“My business has slowed down since we have no power and you know that people prefer cold drinks so ZESCO must really work on this fault,” he said.

Another businessman, Joseph Phiri who owns a Grinding Mill at Ukwimi-A, says he has closed down the business due to a power outage.

“As you can see that I have stopped operating since this power outage occurred on Sunday, so I’m running out of business here at my grinding mill”, he said.

And Lida Zulu, a restaurant owner also from Ukwimi-A market, said her refrigerated relish has gone bad and she cannot prepare meals because she has run out of mealie meal that she sources from the local hammer mill that is not operating.

“I have run out of mealie meal but can’t go to the grinding mill and also my relish for business has gone bad so this power outage has really affected my restaurant business,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lusangazi District Commissioner Mike Tembo says he is following up on the matter with ZESCO.

“I’m following this matter with ZESCO and will hear what they will say as of today,” he said. 

When contacted for a comment, Eastern Province ZESCO Area Manager, a Mr Mapulanga, who refused to give his first name said the poor road network leading to Lusangazi has made it difficult for his team to access the area and work on the problem.

“That area is a challenge for us to access because on Sunday when the fault occurred, my team got stuck and the truck could not move further to come and work on the problem,” he said.