About 95 families given resettlement land in Chienge

About 95 Families living along the shores of Lake Mweru in Chienge District have thanked government for giving them free land to resettle after being affected by floods during the 2021/2022 rain season.

One of the representatives of the families, Kasanda Yumbe and Jackson Lupiya thanked the state and the traditional leadership for the gesture during a walk-in interview.

ZANIS reports that Mr Yumbe said the gesture by government to relocate the families which were affected by floods in Kasholima, Belechani and Kapempe Villages of Lupiya Area in Senior Chief Puta’s Chiefdom has been welcomed.

He said Namayi Village, the area the families have been relocated to is a more suitable place adding that each of the 95 families have already secured plots and are awaiting to start construction of houses.

Mr Yumbe however revealed that some families have opted to stay in the flood prone area to continue fishing and fish trading.

And the other representative of the 95 beneficiaries, Jackson Lupiya has urged government to expedite the process of sinking a borehole at Namayi Village to enable the families to start constructing houses.

Mr Lupiya said the only challenge being faced by the families is that the area they have been relocated to has no nearby source of water.

On 16th March, 2022 heavy Rainfall led to floods in three Wards of Chienge Constituency namely Chipungu, Chibamba and Lunchinda Wards.