Luanshya council bans street vending

Luanshya Municipal Council has banned street vending as a measure to mitigate an outbreak of cholera in Luanshya district.

Council Public Relations Manager Gideon Thole said the local authorities have relocated street vendors from the central business district to Zaone market in the central business district and other markets in various townships.

Mr. Thole said the council has engaged stakeholders including street vendors and the marketeers and have banned all street vending activities in the town and second-class trading areas.

The Local Authority has identified one street in the central business district which will be designated for street vending after 16:00 hours every day.

He has since advised traders to observe high standards of hygiene and avoid displaying their commodities on the ground but should instead use pallets.

Mr. Thole added that the council has directed all street vendors to go back to the market while other vendors coming from nearby townships have been requested to go back to their respective designated trading areas.

He said the measure which will also be complemented with enhanced solid waste management will help in mitigating a possible cholera outbreak in the district.

Mr. Thole disclosed that the Local Authority has also engaged Kafubu water and sanitation company and market managers to ensure that there is adequate water supply and improved sanitation in the market.

Meanwhile the traders have expressed mixed feelings towards the development citing poor sanitation and location of the market is a major problem.

Pamela Mwenso said the vendors are willing to go back into the markets but demanded that the local authority rehabilitates the market ablution blocks.

Another trader Moses Mubanga complained that the market location was not good for business as it was not located in the way of the potential customers.

The move comes after the country recorded a cholera outbreak in some parts of the country.

Luanshya district has not recorded any cholera cases in the last 15 years.

Some traders have welcomed the street while others are complaining about the poor