Site for the construction of N/W provincial studio to change-Kasanda

Government says it is considering changing the site for the   construction of Provincial Television studio from Mitukutuku area in Solwezi district of Northwestern Province to another location citing long distance from the central business district (CBD.)

Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda said when she inspected the area that the distance from the CBD will make it very difficult for members  of the public to appreciate and access ZANIS services.

She said ZANIS is a public institution hence the need for it to be closer to the people.

Ms Kasanda said building a studio in Mitukutuku will be a waste of government resources

” This is a non starter,looking at  distance accessibility is a problem here because it’s not possible that our people will come all the way from the CBD and come this far,look at how we have had to pass we are using powerful vehicles we were almost getting stuck how will they be coming here when it is rainy season and you will be  the same one to say ZANIS is not working because they will not be able to come this far”,she said

Ms  Kasanda said this was a deliberate move by the previous administration to Isolate  Solwezi and Southern Province to deny the people access to information by giving them in far away places because of being UPND strongholds.

” We have to look for another piece of land,not here this was a deliberate move by the PF to throw us in the bush where it will be very difficult for people to access information,” she added.

She said  everywhere else ZANIS studios were strategically dotted very close to the roads as opposed to Solwezi and Southern Province where they throw them in the bush so that there is no accessibility to information.

Meanwhile, Provincial Permanent Secretary Grandson Katambi and the Minister  inspected two prospective places for the studios at former Ministry of Finance stores near Kyawama and at the Road Development Agency office near Solwezi Municipal Council Civic Center.

Ms Kasanda said she is yet to make a decision on the way forward.