Luano residents advised to keenly follow CDF utilisation

Luano Town Council Chairperson, Paul Tembo, has advised people in the area to take keen interest in the utilisation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in their respective communities.

Speaking during a multisectoral technical working group meeting, Mr Tembo acknowledged that meaningful development cannot be attained without  engaging the local people.

He said CDF allocation has been increased to enable communities, through ward development committees, to identify their priorities and carry out developmental programmes that are dear to them.

Mr Tembo has since urged key stakeholders to make sure that CDF is used prudently.

He reiterated the need to implement CDF projects not only in the plateau areas but also in the valley areas of Luano district.

“CDF is meant to target communities across the district,” he said.

Mr Tembo further reiterated that the government is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind in Zambia’s economic transformation agenda.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning increased the CDF for each of the county’s 156 electoral constituencies to K28.3 million for the year 2023 from K25.7 million in 2022.  

The ministry has since issued new guidelines to further enhance the implementation of CDF projects through limited delegation of powers of the Secretary to the Treasury to the Principal Local Authority Officers on variation of funds within the CDF programme.