Worm infestation controlled in Luano district – DACO 

Luano District Agriculture Coordinating Officer, Roy Kalipenta has reported substantial success in controlling the recent invasion of Fall Armyworms on maize crops in the District. 

Mr Kalipenta told ZANIS that a total of 108 hectares of maize crop belonging to small scale farmers had been ravaged by the pests several weeks ago, with more than 30 farmers being affected. 

He said the situation has since been remedied by Government’s prompt action of dispatching 310 liters of chemicals for spraying against the pests. 

Mr Kalipenta said the chemicals have been distributed to the 19 agricultural camps that are spread out in both Kamimbya and Luano agricultural Blocks to control the worms.  

“Maize crop fields belonging to the small scale farmers who are mainly beneficiaries of FISP are the most affected by these Fall Army worms,” he said. 

Mr Kalipenta pointed out that the strategy of engaging the Camp Agricultural Committees (CACs) in the distribution had greatly helped to ensure that the chemicals reached the farmers quickly. 

He however pointed out that his office is still alert to the threat posed by any other pest attacks, saying that Agricultural Field Extension Officers as well as the CACs are working together on this task.