Crops destroyed-Kanchibiya

Heavy rains coupled with strong winds have destroyed over 30 hectares of maize and beans fields in Kanchibiya district in Muchinga Province.

Kanchibiya District Commissioner Crispin Chilekwa says over 60 families have since been affected in three villages of Kanchibiya district.

He said the most affected villages are Chishepula, Salimu and Chisengo village.

Mr. Chilekwa has expressed concern that a number of villages in Kanchibiya are likely to experience hunger because most of their crops have been destroyed by heavy rains. 

He explained that two weeks ago over 9 hectares of maize fields belonging to 17 families were also destroyed by heavy rains in Kanchibiya district.

Mr. Chilekwa said government through Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) is looking into the matter with the seriousness it deserves, so that the affected families are assisted.

“We are also calling on well-wishers to come on board and offer any help to the affected families,” said Mr. Chilekwa.

Meanwhile Chikakala Agricultural Camp Extension Officer Maureen Mulenga says most of the crops have been totally destroyed, leaving the farmers with almost nothing.

Mrs. Mulenga has since advised farmers to quickly plant early maturing beans, to mitigate the impact caused by the heavy rains.

“It is sad that most of the families affected heavily depend on maize farming to take care of the families,” Said Mrs. Mulenga.

And Mumbuwu Ward Councilor Sosten Sampa said Kanchibiya is one of the districts that experiences destructive heavy rains every year.

Mr. Sampa has attributed the unusual heavy rains being experienced in the district to effects of climate change, adding that there is need to pay particular attention to address issues of climate change in order to reduce its devastating effects.