61 year old man in court for selling crocodile meat

A 61 year old man of Nsombo village in Chief Chabula’s Chiefdom of Lupososhi district has pleaded guilty to the offence of illegal possession of crocodile meat contrary to the laws of Zambia.

This is a matter in which Benson Fatwell Kabombeka 61 of Nsombo village was charged for illegal possession of dried crocodile meat contrary to section 130 (1) as read with statutory instrument Act number 42 of 2016 of the wildlife Act number 14 of 2015 of the laws of Zambia.

Kabombeka was last week found selling pieces of dried crocodile meat at Kamumango market in Luwingu district of Northern Province.

The buyers who were suspicious tipped the Zambia police officer in Luwingu district of the Northern Province.

Particulars before Luwingu Magistrate Maybin Kapaya yesterday were that Kabombeka on 3rd March 2023 whilst acting together with others unknown was found selling 10kgs of protected trophy namely crocodile meat.

When he appeared for plea and after the charge was read before him by Magistrate Kapaya, Kabombeka pleaded guilty to offence saying the meat was not meant for sale but home consumption.

“I do accept that crocodile meat was in my possession and meant for home consumption despite having no licence or authority to kill or sell the carcass to would-be beneficiaries,” he lamented.

The matter has since been adjourned to 9th March 2023 for written facts and has been remanded at the Luwingu district state prison waiting for rewritten facts.