Govt. urged to curb maize smuggling in Nakonde

A resident of Nakonde district in Muchinga Province has appealed to government to put strict measures on the movement of maize across the country.

Wardy Musowa said close monitoring on the movement of maize, especially in border areas like Nakonde is key in addressing high prices of mealie meal.

Mr Musowa said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Nakonde today.

“History has got to be followed from time to time. How this food security was able to be maintained in the UNIP era is important to note,” Mr Musowa said.

He has since advised that all the maize grain in Nakonde must be seriously scrutinised.

Mr Musowa alleged that there is serious smuggling of white maize through Nakonde border hence suggested that Isoka and Mbala should be considered as buffer zones if the country is to effectively check the vice.

The concerned resident stressed that Nakonde border is too porous hence it is difficult to curb smuggling.

“It is difficult to control because there are people who come even from outside the district to sell here as they pretend to be coming from their fields within the district and further purport to be taking the maize grains to their homes in town,” he explained.

Mr Musowa said there is need for government to satisfy both the local and foreign market.

He however said government should concentrate on satisfying the local demand for maize in order to secure the staple food.

Mr Musowa lamented that if the act is left unchecked, the price of mealie meal will keep on increasing thereby affecting families and the country as a whole.

He stated that securing the country’s food security should not be left to government alone.

He has since called on the business community to also act responsibly when selling maize.