Excelling Food Security Pack beneficiaries rewarded with goats

The Department of Community Development in Nakonde District in Muchinga Province has embarked on a goat distribution exercise aimed at appreciating Food Security Pack (FSP) beneficiaries who performed well under the 2021/2022 farming season.

ZANIS reports that Nakonde Assistant Community Development Officer, Susan Namukonda said there are 4 identified wards that will benefit from the programme with Luchinde Ward being the first.

Ms. Namukonda who was speaking during the distribution exercise over the weekend, said 50 beneficiaries from Luchinde Ward each received 1 female goat from the 50 goats that had been allocated to the area.

“The targeted beneficiaries are the ones that performed well with the farming inputs that we gave them. We have 50 beneficiaries in Luchinde ward and each beneficiary is walking away with a she goat,” She said.

She named wards that are yet to receive as Popomozi, Ngumba and Chiwanza wards.

Ms. Namukonda added that the programme is meant to reduce poverty at household level and goat rearing was picked on because it is affordable and manageable.

“These goats are going to help them because it will be one of the income generating activities at household level because if they keep the goats well and they give birth, those who have benefited now will pass on to others,” said Ms Namukonda.

And Nakonde District Administrative Officer (DAO) Alex Sinkala who also witnessed the distribution, implored the beneficiaries to look after the goats well.

Mr. Sinkala stressed that government is committed to uplifting the living standards of people through such empowerment programmes.

“Government saw it fit to empower you people here. I just want to encourage you to take care of these things well so that you secure your future,” said Mr Sinkala.

And one of the beneficiaries, Josephat Sichizya, thanked the authorities for the gesture stating that the development was not going to be possible without them.

“We should also be very thankful to God for what the government is doing for us. We need to give thanks when someone does something good, for this reason we are very thankful to the government and our local leaders,” said Mr Sichizya.