Govt. encourages farmers to practice agric diversification

The Kasempa district administration has implored farmers to practice agricultural diversification to mitigate the effects of climate change on crop production.

Kasempa District Administrative Officer Francis Makanga disclosed that government was encouraging farmers to practice agricultural diversification.

Mr. Makanga said this during the official opening of the Mpungu field day held today in Kasempa district in North-western Province.

“Government is encouraging farmers to employ the smart climate agricultural techniques to mitigate effects of climate change such as conservation farming and agroforestry techniques,” he added.

Mr. Makanga further urged farmers to prioritize household food security, to prevent food insecurity, which might result in hunger and malnutrition.

“Every household should ensure that they keep 60 percent of their produce and the remaining 40 percent should be used for income generation,” he added.

Mr. Makanga further implored farmers to quickly register for the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) once the registration begins.

“I wish to encourage you our dear farmers to quickly come for registration, when the window opens and embrace the programme as it is advantageous to you, “he said.

Meanwhile, Mpungu Community Agriculture Committee Chairperson, Rueben Lwanshika disclosed that FISP has helped in the alleviation of household poverty in the area.

“The introduction of FISP has uplifted small scale farmers, for example we used to sleep in thatched huts but now we have iron sheets, solar panels and bicycles,” Mr. Lwanshika said.

He appealed to government, to consider increasing the number of fertilizer bags that FISP beneficiaries get.

“Government should continue helping farmers through the FISP program, our plea is that you add more bags of fertilizer from 6 to 12 bags,” Mr. Lwanshika said.

He also implored government to introduce programmes that will enhance irrigation systems and help improve crop production.